How It Works

How It Works


Come with your own lot or purchase one owned by MDD! Then you can start designing and building a unique custom home that will fit your lifestyle, wants and budget.


Purchase a lot and we will design and build a unique custom home to fit your lifestyle, wants and budget. Most clients purchase their lot outright 100% and get a construction loan for the building of the home. For more information on getting prequalified for a construction loan.


You will be assigned one of our project managers who will walk you through the exciting process of designing and building a home. Our project managers: Ryan Jenkins, Wesley Nelson, Eric Price. Use one of our floorplans as a starting point and tweak it to fit your needs.


Your project manager will submit plans to the city/county to obtain all permits. This process takes from 3-12 months depending on where you build. At this time you will be making selections on finishes, fixtures, etc. The actual construction of the home usually takes 9-10 months.

Custom Complete

Purchase a home during its construction phase, but prior to completion, with the option to customize selected amenities.

Completed Homes

Completed homes are finished, turn-key ready homes for sale that were expertly designed and built by MDD.