Framing: A Modern Farmhouse

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The Modern Farmhouse Style

As stated in an earlier post, MDD Homes is working on an exciting new project: a modern farmhouse style model home coming next year (see rendering below)! The construction process is going well and the house (so far) looks fantastic!

Now, “modern farmhouse” sounds slightly ironic and perhaps a bit like an oxymoron, such as: small crowd, living dead, or random order. However, this style is currently the top exterior design trend sweeping our country. It calls upon traditional designs mingled with modern textures; a family-friendly, classic feel with a contemporary twist! Defining the modern farmhouse look includes polished horizontal and vertical wood sidings, a full or partial metal roof, and the tasteful use of contrasting colors. Porches, columns, and stone accents all unify to develop this stand alone style!


Right now it may just look like a tangle of wood, nails, and sawdust, but what you see in the photos below is the most vital step of the whole process. We’ve got all three “f’s” going on here: Footings, Foundation, and Framing.



Before construction can even begin, however, a thorough consideration of the design process must take place. This includes making sure every facet of the home is rightly placed so you can get the most out of your square footage and views. This open layout where the kitchen, family room, and dining room all combine to form one great room making you feel right at home, encouraging togetherness, and enjoying relaxed meals. Sliding doors leading out to a outdoor veranda/porch with a fireplace create the perfect spot for gathering, unwinding, and appreciating nature.